Eric Jones

Technology Specialist

Eric was born and raised in central Maine where he learned many diverse, practical hands-on skills which earned him the reputation as the guy who ‘can fix anything‘.  As a young adult, he worked in computer technologies as a PC computer engineer and technician during the infancy of the internet.  

Eric studied recording engineering at UMA and went on to work in sound production.  Eric worked with bands at clubs and festivals, performing their studio recording.  Eric also worked as a DJ at events, festivals, clubs, and on the radio.  Eric studied electronics at SMTC in Portland, Maine, and computer hardware design and maintenance at LCC in Eugene, Oregon.  

Eric also has a keen interest in the arts.  He has worked in many crafts over the years including woodworking, furniture design and building, upholstery, stained glass, cold working blown glass, screen printing, and multi-media sculpture.  Eric likes to make functional art as a hobby.  

Since 2010, Eric has been providing technology consulting services.  These services include website design, product photography, newsletter, social media design, CRM and other data systems management, and LMS systems. 

Visit Eric’s profile on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/jones-e-designs

Education & Experience


University of Washington - Seattle

BA in digital arts and design.


UW Study Abroad - Lille, France

ABC Program: Arts & Innovation.


Visual Design Intern - Better Organics

Designed product packaging, online campaigns, etc.


Design Researcher - University of San Diego

Member of directed research group.


UX/Visual Designer - Intuit, San DIego

Designed useful and elegant digital experiences across two different mobile platforms.


Senior UX Designer - Intuit, LA

Designed and launched multi-platform desktop community homepage focused on tax professionals across the country.


UX Designer - IBM, LA

Collaborated with researchers, engineers and product managers throughout design process – from creating research protocols, personas, scenarios, information architecture and wireframes to building user interface prototypes.


UX/UI Designer - IBM, Marcq-en-Barul

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My services

Jones E Designs provides a complete solution for your online needs. Jones E Designs creates visually stunning websites that are both functional and user-friendly, with top-notch hosting capabilities to ensure your site is always running smoothly.

Jones E Designs also provides ongoing support to ensure that your website remains up-to-date and secure. Jones E Designs offers fundraising and marketing services to help you increase website traffic and grow your customer base.

Explore in more detail below the services that Jones E Designs offers your business.


Web Design

Jones E Designs creates high-functioning, visually interesting websites that accurately reflect brand identity or personal vision.


Web Hosting

Looking for the perfect platform to host your WordPress website? Jones E Designs provides Website Hosting Services that are reliable and easy to use.



Jones E Designs has extensive experience implementing payment systems, fundraising software, and Customer Management Software to help you launch a successful fundraising campaign.



Jones E Designs is an expert in providing exceptional digital marketing system design services aimed at helping businesses succeed in this fast-paced digital world.

People Talk About Me

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